Never Underestimate Your Topic & Preparation

Your podcast topic can make or break your guest appearance.

Done correctly, the listener might tune in for 3 hours…

Done poorly, your episode gets skipped… 😱

After securing 1,600+ podcast interviews, topic relevance is still one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Yes, you might have 100k followers.

Yes, you might have a best-selling book.

Yes, you might run a Fortune 500 company.

But if you can’t provide a relevant interview angle, none of that matters.

When getting invited onto a podcast, make sure you do the following:

💥 Schedule a pre-interview with the host to discuss the best topic for their podcast
💥 Listen to a previous episodes to explore a unique angle you can talk about
💥 Prepare relevant stories, case studies, and relatable anecdotes

Do this and your interview will be way better.

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