Never “Just Wing It”: Preparing For Podcast Interviews

Got invited onto a podcast as a guest?

Don’t just “wing it”

Here’s how to prepare the RIGHT way: 👇🏻

💥 Read the podcast description

This is a no-brainer, really.

In the description, you’ll often uncover how tactical or strategic the show is intended to be.

That will help you prepare.

And it takes less than 1 minute.

💥 Listen to an episode or two

By listening to an episode, you’ll understand the energy of the host, the pace, and the way you’ll be asked questions.

This, on its own, will make the conversation more natural and fun.

Dedicate 30 minutes to this. Listen at 2X. Don’t need to make notes.

💥 Prepare relevant stories

If you decide to do just ONE thing, do this.

With most podcast invitations, you’ll know the topic beforehand.

Prepare 2-3 relevant stories or anecdotes, so your episode is more relatable.

❌ Stop this:
“You need cybersecurity because the X reason”

✅ Start this:
“Here’s the horror story we successfully solved for one of our enterprise clients.”

💥 Prepare your introduction

Only around 1 out of 10 customers we coach have their introduction prepared.

9 out of 10 just want to “wing it”.

Don’t do that.

Prepare the main building blocks of your career and life.

Make them relatable.

Practice out loud.

Your introduction decides whether the listener keeps listening or not.

Put the work in.

💥 Craft your CTA

Have a place you send the listeners to.

Whether it’s just your LinkedIn profile or a website, make sure the listeners know.
❌ Stop this:
“Follow me on LinkedIn.”

✅ Start this:
“If you liked what we’ve talked about, follow me on LinkedIn. You can find me there as Jakub – space – Zajicek. There are not many of us so it should be easy. Again, it’s JAKUB – space – ZAJICEK. Add a connection note that you heard me on this podcast. Can’t wait to talk!”

So to recap…

Don’t just “wing” the podcast episode.


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