Most PR Agencies Suck At Booking Podcast Interviews

Most PR agencies suck at booking podcast interviews.


They’re generalists.

Here’s a service offering of a random PR agency I found:

Awards Submissions
Crisis Communications Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Employee Communication
Speaking Opportunities (incl. podcasts)
Media Relations
(and 6 more)

The above is a nice example of how most PR websites look like.

Now… What’s wrong with having everything “under one roof”?

It’s the lack of a deep category/channel insight.

Traditional PR agencies = A lot of surface-level services
Specialized agencies = A few very specific services

Traditional PR agencies = 100’s of relationships with broad range of media outlets
Specialized agencies = Also 100’s of relationships but usually in a few categories

Traditional PR agencies = You pay for outreach and pitching
Specialized agencies = You pay for results/placements

Neither approach is wrong but it really boils down to if you want to go broad or focus on specific channels.

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