Most Podcast Guests Don’t Promote Their Interviews

Most podcast guests don’t promote their interviews.

That’s a huge mistake.

But why does that happen? 👇

Well, most people are NOT used to posting content.

For me, posting on LinkedIn is easy because I do it every day.

But for someone who posts once a month or doesn’t post at all, it’s more difficult than you think.

Yes, the host might provide audiograms, quote images, and other promotional materials but that’s not everything you need, right?

You need a caption as well.

You need a link to the episode.

And lastly, you should know the best practices for different platforms.

But the truth is, most podcast guests don’t know any of this.

On top of that, they might have limiting beliefs such as: “What will my friends and colleagues think when they see this?” or “I didn’t do a good job during the interview…”

So even if the interview went well, there’s no guarantee that the guest will promote it.

From the host’s perspective, they provided everything to make the promotion easy.

From the guest’s perspective, there’s still too much friction.

This is what the hosts should do:

→ Provide a clear guidance on how to promote the episode
→ Provide promo content (audiograms, video snippets, quote images)
→ Write multiple post copywriting variations (so the guest just copy-paste the text)
→ Boost confidence of your guests by mentioning that they’ve done a great job during the interview
→ Lead by example by promoting the sh*t out of the interview

…and, of course, actually do a great interview. But that should go without saying.

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