Most Podcast Booking Agencies Suck

Podcast Host: “Most podcast booking agencies suck.”

Here’s what makes a good agency, according to hosts: 👇🏻

💬 “They do their homework”

Lazy agencies clutter the host’s inbox every day.

As a result, the majority of pitches hosts receive are absolutely irrelevant.

❌ Reach out to all podcasts that mention the word “marketing”
✅ Reach out to 10 podcasts that are super-relevant to your marketing expertise.

Yes, it takes more time.

But it’s worth it.

💬 “They make it easy for me”

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the host to say yes.

That means providing enough information, so the host can make a decision.

❌ John Doe is a best-selling author, CEO, and 13-figure serial entrepreneur.
✅ Because you often cover X, John Doe can talk about why Y is really relevant too.

Yes, you will need to listen to the podcast.

But that’s the point.

💬 “They ALWAYS follow up”

Most agencies actually give up after 1 or 2 follow-up emails.


❌ Send a generic initial email and two generic follow-ups.
✅ Send a relevant initial email and four to five value-driven follow-ups.

Yes, it’s WAY more work.

But hosts appreciate it if you do it right.

💬 “Their guests come prepared”

Hosts don’t enjoy unprepared guests.

It’s disrespectful and might ruin the episode.

❌ Read about the podcast 5 minutes before the call.
✅ Listen to a podcast, prepare your introduction, stories, CTAs, lead magnets,…

Again, it takes way more time.

But it builds relationships.

💬 “They give a f*ck”

And this is the bottom line.

Great podcast booking agencies are not transactional.

❌ Pitch and ditch.
✅ Pitch, ask about the experience, support the host, and build relationships.

At the end of the day, booking podcast interviews is about relationships.

That’s why great agencies prioritize them before anything else.


So to recap…

If you’re choosing a podcast booking agency, it’s important they represent you properly.

A bad agency will shine a bad light on your brand too.

Do your homework.

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