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Win-Win Negotiations Are A Myth

Meet Mark Raffan. As the Founder & CEO of Negotiations Ninja and the host of a leading negotiations podcast, he shares the little-known negotiation strategies to succeed in business and life.

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Who is Mark?

Mark Raffan is the Founder & CEO of Negotiations Ninja, World-Class Negotiation Training Tailored to Your Needs.

Mark is an entrepreneur, sales and procurement veteran, podcast host, speaker, and recognized negotiation expert.

Mark has led c-suite negotiations for many years for a variety of companies and industries. Now running his own negotiations training company, Mark utilizes his extensive speaking experience to deliver engaging, usable, and market-relevant training to an under-served market.

He is the co-host of the two incredible podcasts Negotiations Ninja Podcast (one of the top negotiations podcasts in the world) and Content Callout (about B2B content marketing).

Mark is an expert in influence, persuasion, and negotiation and has coached executives and teams in some of the largest companies in the world, he has been referenced in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Thrive Global, and many other publications.




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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Negotiations Strategy: “Win-Win” Negotiations Are A Myth

Most people believe the myth of “win-win” negotiations are realistic and achievable. The problem is that many people really don’t understand what “win-win” actually means. Win-win sounds nice and feels good when you say it, but leaves people vulnerable to manipulation and leaves way too much value on the table. Nobody wins with a “win-win” mindset.

On your podcast, Mark will challenge the mindset of the “win-win” negotiation. Specifically, why it’s critical to stop thinking in terms of a “win-win” outcome in negotiations. He’ll explain what makes tactics different from strategy and why strategy is so important. He’ll share why understanding what you and the counter-party need is vital as preparation before a negotiation.

Topic #2

3 Habits To Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Are great negotiators born or built? Is the skill of negotiation something that people are naturally imbued with or can you learn it? It is absolutely a skill that can be learned. But how does one become an effective negotiator? Some negotiators seem to believe that hard-bargaining negotiation tactics are the key to success, viewing negotiations as a win-lose enterprise. But is this optimal and how do they take their negotiations to the next level?

On your podcast, Mark can share 3 habits to improve your negotiation skills. Specifically, why it is important to study your counterparty before negotiations and prepare for your negotiations. He’ll uncover why most people’s negotiations break because they don’t practice. And he will discuss what you should do after a negotiation to ensure your next negotiation goes even better than the one you just had.

Topic #3

How To Avoid Giving Away Too Much

The whole reason you are negotiating is that you have something (or a collection of things) the counterparty considers valuable. And—likewise—they have something (or a collection of things) you consider valuable. But how much of what you have are you willing to give away? Most people don’t consider how much they are prepared to give away and they also don’t consider how they should give something away to reduce the probability of further concessions. Negotiators need to manage their concessions.

On your podcast, Mark can talk about how to avoid giving away too much and can share a different approach to managing concessions. He’ll teach your audience how to manage the perception of the counter-party of what is available and reduce the probability of further concessions and value released to the counterparty. He can share strong examples of why reciprocity isn’t a real thing in negotiating and there is no such thing as “fair”.

Topic #4

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