Make Your Podcast Outreach Win-Win

With more than 4 million podcasts out there, brands are starting to appear on them as a part of their PR strategy.

I like it. But there’s a dark side to it…

We talk to a lot of podcast hosts and they tell us how many guest pitches they receive.

It’s crazy.

Some of them get up to 100 guest introductions a day!

Imagine the frustration when 90% of them are absolutely irrelevant.

Sometimes slightly:
…Inbound sales expert pitching an outbound sales podcast.

And sometimes dramatically:
…Keto expert pitching a cybersecurity podcast.

As a result, hosts are overwhelmed and often annoyed.

(And it messes up your reputation, too).

Here are a few tips…

💥 Do your homework before you reach out.

💥 Deliver value upfront.

💥 Build relationships.

And most importantly. Drop your ego.

Podcasts you want to appear on are not short on guests.

Make it easy for them to say “yes” to you.

Make it a win-win.

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