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The Death of Digital Marketing Assumptions

Meet John Readman. As a founder of BOSCO™, he helps famous online retailers maximise profits from their digital marketing spend through predictive marketing strategies.

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Who is John?

John has been working in digital marketing and e-commerce for over 20 years, during which he has grown several global digital marketing agencies and marketing technology businesses. 

During this time, he has had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s largest brands, helping them shape their online proposition and increase their e-commerce performance. These include Asos, Pepsi, BMW, Superdry, Honda, HP, Toyota, Argos and Sigma Sports.

John’s day-to-day role involves driving the vision of BOSCO™ forward. He is passionate about people and creating an environment that will enable the team to deliver the best possible software for our clients.

John loves to spend time with his family, and he enjoys watching his daughters Lottie and Heidi play hockey or netball. 

He is a keen cyclist who, with a group of friends, is cycling from Leeds to Australia with Ride25 (John’s cycling holiday/event business) to raise money for 1moreChild. 

He loves skiing, walking, supporting England rugby and is a passionate Leeds United Fan, MOT.





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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Predictive Marketing: How to forecast your marketing performance and spend by channel

Marketers often don’t work with enough data and take risky decisions that don’t produce satisfying results. Answering questions such as: “What happens if I spend an extra $100k on FB?” is often just an educated guess and part of an “experiment”. That’s where John steps in.

On your podcast, he can explain how marketers can predict their marketing performance and spend by channel. He’ll dive deep into the unique process he uses to help major brands to dominate online without taking unnecessary risks.

Topic #2

The Last Click Doesn't Win: Starting with multi-touch attribution the right way

Multi-touch attribution is like teenage sex – Everybody is talking about it but no one is doing it. Although buyers make decisions based on many touchpoints on different platforms, 90% of retailers still use the last-known direct click for revenue attribution. That leads to bad marketing decisions and overspending on easily measurable channels such as Google or Facebook.

On your podcast, John will dive deep into his step-by-step strategy on how companies can start with a multi-touch attribution to prevent wasting money on the wrong channels. After all, it’s time us Marketers stop working on ineffective channels just because we can measure them.

Topic #3

How to solve the over-reliance on Google

As Google became a dominant channel years ago, the marketing world has fallen into its trap. Before Google, marketers needed to experiment and come up with new ideas that drove innovation and progress. Today, marketers can often rely solely on Google, completely ignoring other channels although they might yield better results. On top of that, Google makes spending money easy and even easier to measure.

On your podcast, John can share why brands should get out of this “Google trap” as well as examples of companies that have already done that and achieved ridiculous growth.

Topic #4

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