How To Win New Customers With Podcast Guesting

Most podcast guests focus only on the audience.

But yet, the one guaranteed interaction you’ll always have is…

…the one with the host. 👇🏻

Last year, my co-founder Mark Colgan 🇵🇹 appeared on Mark Raffan’s podcast Content Callout.

The episode turned out to be great and the audience liked it.
(Link in the first comment btw)

But that’s not all…

See, your podcast interview allows you to build a relationship with the host and simply get to know each other.

It speeds up the “known, liked, and trusted” process.

It’s an unsaturated networking tool.

And it works.

A couple of months after the episode, Mark reached out to our team and decided to work with our agency.


The lessons?

Treat every podcast interview as the beginning of a business relationship.

Provide as much value as you can.

Make connections.

And it’s just a matter of time before the opportunity shows itself.

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