How To Turn Your Podcast Interview Into Content

Here’s how to turn your podcast interview into content:

1. Wait for the episode to be released (usually ~1 month after the recording)

2. Once it’s released, decide what you want to create (video snippets, audiograms, or just images)

3. Listen to the full episode and write down the timestamps of the best moments (write down at least 5)

4. Use Headliner(dot)app or Reel(dot)so to create audiograms, Veed(dot)io to create video snippets, and Canva(dot)com to create quote images

5. Check your grammar with Grammarly

6. Once you’re happy with everything, export your files

7. (Most important) – Actually distribute your content on your social media

The bottom line is this…

Each podcast interview = Tons of content.

All of these initial pieces of content can be repurposed for other channels and reposted within a couple of months again (inspired by Justin Simon)

Many of our customers follow this method to absolutely crush their podcast guesting campaigns.

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