How To Prepare for Your Next Podcast Guest Appearance

Being a podcast guest is easy. Being an unforgettable one isn’t. 

So how do you make your interview stand out from the crowd? You have to turn it into a results-driven conversation—and the best way to do that is to be well prepared. 

The host has likely spent a lot of time preparing, and you don’t want to be that one guest who shows up with no idea of what’s about to happen or what they’re going to say. 

To help you avoid that, we’re giving you our top seven tips on how to be a guest on a podcast that makes an impact.

1. Listen to the podcast

You’d be surprised how many guests show up with no clue about the podcast’s structure, style, or even who the host is. That’s why the most important thing to do before appearing on a podcast is to listen to at least one episode in advance.

This will give you an idea of the host’s energy, the tone, the kinds of questions they usually ask, and the structure. Try to find an episode that’s relevant to your area of expertise for even more specific insights.

2. Read the reviews

Once you know what the podcast is like, find out what people think of it. Do a quick search for it on Google, and read at least five of the listener reviews. You can word your search like this:

“Insert podcast title here” podcast apple. For example, you could search “B2B Growth podcast apple”

Image caption: Once you find the podcast, make sure the URL reflects the right region.

Reading reviews will let you know what the audience likes and dislikes about the podcast, which you can use to guide your interview. Just like in any other marketing or sales activity, knowing your audience is essential.

3. Talk to the host

Some hosts will send you information about the podcast structure, outline, or questions beforehand—but some won’t. If they don’t, reach out via email or LinkedIn to ask for more details. This will benefit you both in the end, as you’ll be able to offer more relevant insights and eloquent responses.

4. Introduce yourself

In order to create a great podcast episode, the host also needs information about you. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, as this is likely the first place they’ll look. 

It’s also helpful to send both a long and short version of your bio in advance, along with a high-quality headshot. This will help the host develop an intro that reflects your experience and lets listeners know why your expertise is valuable.

5. Prepare stories

Stories grab listeners’ attention and keep them engaged, and are often the best way to get your point across. Once you know the theme of the interview, think of a few stories related to the topics you want to cover.

You should also consider exactly how you’ll tell these stories: What would be a good moment to present them? How can you make them more fun and relatable?

6. Rehearse a call to action

Appearing on a podcast is not about pitching yourself or your product. That said, the ultimate goal is to turn listeners into customers. And there’s one part of every interview where you’re allowed to promote yourself. It’s when the host asks: 

Where can people learn more about you?

To answer this question, decide exactly you want to achieve. Do you want people to visit your website? Follow you on LinkedIn? Whatever it is, make sure you tell listeners how taking this action will benefit them, and keep your CTA brief and clear.

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7. Optimize your audio

No one wants to listen to a grainy or echoey interview. Sound quality matters, so it’s worth investing in some good equipment. Buy an external USB microphone like the Samson Q2U or the Logitech Blue Yeti. And always wear a headset!

Location matters, too. You don’t need a professional recording studio; just try to be in a carpeted room, or even shut yourself in a closet (yes, really).

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