How To Craft A Compelling Podcast Call To Action

Most podcast guests fail to give a proper call to action.

Oliver Thomas Marques and I analyzed 100+ podcast episodes.

Do this to to make your CTA *actually* work: 👇

💥 Focus on one, maximum two outcomes:

The key is not to overwhelm the listener.

Reverse engineer “how customers happen” in your business.

Oftentimes, the best thing is to send the listener to your website. Especially if you have longer sales cycles.

Alternatively, ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

💥 Make it ridiculously specific:

Don’t just say: “Go to our website to learn more…”
Say: “Go to SpeakOnPodcasts dot com to learn more…”

Don’t just say: “Email me your questions.”
Say: “Email me your questions to your@email dot com”

More specific you are, less thinking for the listener.

Remove the friction and make it easy to take action.

💥 Sound natural:

I recommend practising your call to action.


You still need to sound natural.

Your CTA needs to sound like a part of the interview.

💥 Don’t wait until the end:

Yes, at the end, most hosts ask you to give a CTA.

But you can mention your call to action during the interview as well.

Dan McGaw does it really well:

Throughout his guest appearances, he mentions his book and how people can get it.


💥 Ask the host to include the URL into the episode notes:

Again, it’s about removing friction.

Some listeners prefer to tap the link instead of manually typing the url.

And on top of that, you’ll get a high-quality backlink.


In a nutshell:

1. Focus on one, maximum two outcomes
2. Make it ridiculously specific
3. Sound natural
4. Don’t wait until the end
5. Include the URL into the episode notes:

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