How Often You Should Appear On Podcasts

Not sure how often you should appear on podcasts?

Most of our customers prefer 2-4 interviews per month.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s a good choice:

💥 Anything less than 2/mo doesn’t build a momentum

When you appear on podcasts as a guest, it opens a lot of opportunities.

For you, for your company, for your marketing team.

Having a consistent flow of interviews lined up every month makes things easier for everyone.

Your marketing team will plan more efficiently.

You’ll become a better speaker.

And your brand will be mentioned more often in a shorter timeframe.

💥 2-4 interviews per month create a faster feedback loop

Most *new* podcast guests need to get into the flow.

And the truth is, they won’t be happy with their performance during the first interviews.

But if you appear on 2-4 podcasts per month, you’ll improve faster.


Because you can apply the lessons from the previous interviews during the next one.

The shorter time between them, the fresher your lessons will be.

💥 You’ll start seeing the results quicker

There are a few bottlenecks that you won’t influence.

And one of them is WHEN the episode gets published.

If you appear on just one podcast per month, you risk that you’ll wait for months before your episode goes live.

But by appearing on multiple shows a month, you simply mitigate the risk of waiting for too long as many of them will publish your episode fast.

And once the episode is live, you can leverage it to the fullest.

💥 You won’t burn out

On the other hand, if you’d speak on 10 podcasts a month, you’ll burn out.

It’ll be overwhelming.

It’ll feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over again.

And, as a result, you won’t spend enough time and effort to go the extra mile to build relationships with the host, promote the episode, or even prepare.


To recap:

If you want to leverage podcast guesting strategically, book 2-4 podcast recordings per month.

This way, you’ll build momentum, become a better speaker, see the results faster, and won’t burn out.

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