How Much Time Is Required For Preparation

How much time does it take to appear on podcasts as a guest?

Well, it depends on how well prepared you want to be.

On one hand, you can just show up and talk.

That’s it.

No prep.

This usually works well if you’re an experienced speaker, if you know the questions beforehand or if you talk about this topic very often.

By doing this, the time investment will be pretty much just the recording itself.
(And some admin, such as ‘thank you’ emails, etc.)

But if you’re just starting your journey, want to improve, or get nervous easily, you must prepare.

That means listening to an episode of a podcast you’re about to appear on, come up with a few stories or anecdotes, and maybe learn a thing or two about the host.

This way, you might spend 2 hours just preparing BUT you’ll be way more comfortable.

Neither approach is wrong.

But it really depends where you are on your journey.

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