Having Your Own Podcast Makes Guesting Easier

Many B2B brands use a podcast as their core channel.

Which makes appearing on other shows MUCH easier.


Because you have your own audience.

You have leverage.

If the host compares 2 potential guests – one with vs. one without an established audience, the first one has a HUGE advantage.

It’s simple, really.

The host sees your audience as an opportunity to reach new listeners because they assume you’ll promote the episode.

Normally, a podcast host has all the leverage.

But if you have an audience, you can tip the scales a bit.

Yet, most podcast hosts don’t take full advantage of their podcast to secure bookings on others.

It’s a shame.

Many of our customers have their own show.

And booking them on podcasts is easy.

So if you run a podcast, do this:

1. Find 10-20 shows relevant in your category
2. Reach out to the host and offer a guest swap (I appear on yours, you appear on mine)
3. Cross promote the episodes once they go live

By doing this, you will attract new listeners and build your personal brand.

That’s why having a podcast is so powerful.

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