Get The Benefits Of Having A Podcast Without Launching One

You don’t need to start a podcast to get the benefits. 🤯

Here’s an alternative approach most B2B marketers ignore…

When it comes to crafting a B2B podcasting strategy, most companies think that they should start a podcast.

But running a podcast requires A LOT of commitment and budget (if you want to do it properly).

And the truth is, many marketers (and their CEOs) are simply not ready to spend so much time and money on a channel that’s not proven.

An alternative podcasting strategy is speaking on existing podcasts as a guest.

Compared to hosting your own branded podcast, you pretty much just show up and talk. No guest scheduling, no editing, no uploading to hosting platforms…

Yet surprisingly, you still get the benefits:

→ Long-form content you can repurpose
→ Ability to network with relevant people
→ Increased credibility

On top of that:

→ The host will distribute the content for you, so you reach new audiences with no effort
→ You’ll get high-value backlinks (often valued at $300-$600 each)

(You won’t get these two by hosting your podcast)

So if you love the idea of podcasting but are not ready to launch your podcast just yet, consider appearing on others.

There are probably 30-50 podcasts that would happily welcome you as a guest.

Imagine the impact.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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