Finding The Right Podcasts Is Not Easy

Finding the right podcast to appear on is NOT easy.

If you underestimate this step, you will fail to secure any bookings.

Here’s how to do it right:

💥 Matching your topics

Being a marketer doesn’t automatically make you the right fit for every marketing podcast.

Most podcasts lean towards a specific topic or a category.

And it’s on YOU to recognize which one is it.

If you can’t bring value, don’t reach out.

💥 Matching your authority

Some hosts focus on young entrepreneurs.

Some focus on billionaire founders.

Yes, they both talk about business but offer different perspectives.

Review the description, previous guests, and past episodes to make an informed decision.

💥 Matching your industry

Again, you might be a marketer BUT if you are in the B2B SaaS space, a podcast covering D2C marketing is irrelevant.

A waste of time for you and the host.

And it really doesn’t matter how good you are.


In a nutshell:

To identify the right podcast for you to appear on as a guest, you must do your homework.

That means going one or two layers deeper than you’d normally go.

Do this and the hosts will get back to you.

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