Finding Relevant Podcasts Using Influencers

Want to appear on THE RIGHT podcasts, so you don’t waste your time?

Try this…

Brainstorm 10 individuals/brands that are targeting the same audience as you.

For example, those can be:

💥 Your competitors (can be a brand name or a specific person)
💥 Influencers in your niche
💥 Book authors

Have 10?


🔍 Now go to ListenNotes (dot) com, click the search bar, and paste the name in quotes:

“Like This”

Voila! – Now you have a list of podcasts these people/brands have already appeared on.

They’ve already considered them good enough to be interviewed on.

They’ve done their research… So you don’t have to.

Hope it helps! 🙂

PS – Here’s a pro tip: Always double-check the podcasts you’ve found if they’re the right fit. Don’t just blindly reach out.

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