Expectation Setting In Podcast Guesting

Same strategy – Different mindset – Different results

NO: “We need to track performance of each podcast episode.”
YES: “We need to consistently show up in front of our ICP.”

NO: “What’s the exact audience size?”
YES: “How much content can we create from this episode?”

NO: “Only 100 people will listen to this episode. Not worth it.”
YES: “100 of our ideal buyers listen to this episode. Let’s do it!”

NO: “This podcast only ha 15 ratings. Seems like a waste of time.”
YES: “The host is super active on LinkedIn. This is a good opportunity.”

NO: “The host ignored my pitch. He’s not interested.”
YES: “Podcast hosts are busy. I should follow up.”

NO: “Once I finish recording an episode, my job is done.”
YES: “Recording an episode is just the beginning.”

NO: “I’m successful, hence the host should be interested.”
YES: “My expertise is relevant, hence the host’s audience should be interested.”


The key is to put the audience first, ignore the vanity metrics, and realize that podcast hosts have all the leverage.

If you do that, you’ll most likely see better results with your podcast appearances simply because you put in the work that’s required.

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