Do You Understand Value Of Podcasting?

Companies are starting to understand the value of podcasting.

2019 – “How many leads will we generate?”
2022 – “Will this help us reach our ICP?”

The vehicle stayed the same.
The mindset has changed.

Yes, podcasts will help you grow your revenue.
But no, it won’t happen tomorrow.

Whether you’re starting your own branded podcast or consider appearing on others, this is the mindset you need to embody:

💬 “I know that consistently educating our target audience at scale will lead to revenue.”

^ If you don’t believe this, your podcasting efforts will probably fail.

But if you do believe, you’ll put in the time it takes to actually see the results.

You won’t give up after the first month asking: “Where are my leads?”


You will track early positive signals such as your ICP reacting to your episodes or prospects mentioning your podcast on sales calls.

On top of that, you’ll understand your buyers more and your message will be more concise.

(Hard to put a number on this)

Do this long enough and you’ll start “generating leads” that already know, like, and trust you, closing at way higher rate.

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