Do These 5 Things To Choose The Right Podcast Speaker

Not sure who should be the “voice” of your company?

Here are 5 tips that might help:

✅ Social media presence

After receiving a guest pitch, the hosts will always search the guest on social media.

Having a solid social media presence helps the speaker get picked.

✅ Time capacity

Although speaking on podcasts doesn’t take so much time, it’s still a commitment.

Make sure the speaker has enough capacity to prepare and show up on time.

✅ Unique point of view

Hosts don’t want guests that are speaking about the same things as everyone else.

They want to talk to people with original thoughts and ideas.

✅ Content experience

If the speaker has experience creating some type content, it’s a huge advantage.

Publishing content requires you to sharpen your message and keep it engaging.

✅ They stay with you

Podcast episodes are evergreen. Once they’re published, they stay online.

For that reason, prioritize a speaker who’s most likely to stay at your company for a while.


In a nutshell:

Choosing the wrong speaker might make your podcast guesting efforts unnecessarily more difficult.

Save this post to make the right decision once you decide to start appearing on podcasts.

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