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Who is David Henzel?

David Henzel is a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the SaaS and e-Commerce space for over 20 years.He has had multiple million dollar exits including MaxCDN.

Currently he oversees a growing portfolio of startups under the umbrella of How We Solve, one of which is a group coaching platform called UpCoach.

He’s also a regular keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world and can often be sharing how Vision, Mission, and Values matter for your organization’s success and how to come up with them as well as how to apply business principles to your family life.

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What Your Audience Could Learn...

Topic #1
Increase Course Completion Rates By 87% Converting It To A Group Coaching Program

As the vast majority of DIY online courses achieve less than 10% completion rate, many course creators do not fulfil their goal of impacting their audience. David converted his online course into a group coaching program and increased the completion rate from 7% to 94%. By doing so, he was able to help more people, with less time whilst making more money.

Topic #2
How Can Group Coaching Help You Reach More People, Earn More Money And Enable You To Scale?

One on one coaching is expensive for the consumer and ultimately does not scale for the coach. However, group coaching is an effective way to reach and help more people. David can share that when combined with the right tools, positive peer pressure and other psychological strategies, group coaching offers the same value at a lower price for the participant, whilst exponentially increasing the hourly rate for the coach.

Topic #3
Avoiding Burnout As A Founder By Being On Your A-Game.

Almost every founder rides the entrepreneurial roller coaster, juggling multiple projects, tasks and responsibilities, putting themselves under huge amounts of pressure, which often leads to burnout. David can share his personal development framework which combines personal Mission, Vision and Values with healthy habits and organisational development. Resulting in more growth, less headache and the ability for founders to manage their happiness.

Topic #4
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