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Is Your SaaS Globally Compliant?

Meet Daniëlle Keeven. As VP of Finance of Paddle (ex Marriott, Booking, and MessageBird), she talks about the deadly compliance mistakes SaaS founders make when scaling their companies globally.

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Who is Daniëlle?

Daniëlle is the VP of Finance of Paddle, a payments infrastructure for SaaS business.

Daniëlle was born in the Netherlands (half-Aruban, half-Amsterdam), when she was 5 years old, she went on vacation to Aruba with her parents and never came back. She later moved to the US to live and complete her university. She completed two degrees simultaneously. A bachelor’s in International Community Development, and a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

After university Daniëlle spent 8 years working in the US Hospitality business across the Americas (North, Central, South & Caribbean). Hereafter, hearing a myth that people in Europe worked 8 hours, she relocated to the Netherlands (coincidentally where she was born) to join Booking.com.

At Booking.com she held several senior regional and global roles over 4 years, leading numerous innovation and automation projects. Wanting to dive deeper into the tech company space, she stepped into her first start/scale-up Messagebird.com as the Head of Finance Operations. At Messagebird she set up and build the operations role, as well as scaling the company globally (international entity set ups), and led several company acquisition integrations.

Outside of work, Daniëlle’s hobbies are Wave-ski, scuba, (daily) gym, shooting pool, salsa (dancing), traveling, BBQs, and spending time with her dog and teenager.




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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

How To Ensure SaaS Tax Compliance Globally

There are many bottlenecks for finance when going global. SaaS companies need to be careful not to expose themselves to paying taxes on full revenue. Every country is different. People speak English but the cultural challenges are different. While tax legislation changes happen in January, payment legislations happen ad hoc and there are tons. How can CFOs and Finance leaders stay on top of everything when scaling globally?

On your podcast, Daniëlle can share her experience with ensuring software tax compliance. Specifically, why finance leaders need to know where their customers are coming from and if they should register an entity where they’re selling. She’ll explain why it’s crucial to be aware of deadlines and filing requirements and to understand what are the jurisdictions. She can explain when choosing a country, why you should evaluate thresholds and ALWAYS monitor the legislation.

Topic #2

Payments And Billings: Choosing The Finance Stack For Your SaaS

SaaS companies often build their payments infrastructure piece by piece (payments, subscriptions, tax, invoicing, reporting, etc). But they later find their growth restricted by a fragmented stack, poor integrations, and manual processes. Founders should know where they are going to know where they want to be, and if they’re not compliant, they’re on thin ice.

On your podcast, Daniëlle can share her experience in choosing the best finance stack for your SaaS company and why you should begin with the end in mind. She can talk about a different approach to tax compliance and why it becomes critical when selling to external countries. She’ll share her experience with GDPR implementation and explain how it can bite you later if not done correctly and how the subscription legislation is constantly changing for invoicing.

Topic #3

Developing Teams Under Super-High Pressure

After university Daniëlle spent 8 years working at Marriott and then Hyatt. Eventually, she relocated to Europe to join Booking.com, where she led numerous innovation and automation projects. Daniëlle’s first start-up was at Messagebird.com as the Head of Finance Operations, setting up and building the operations role. She scaled the company globally and led several company acquisition integrations.

On your podcast, Daniëlle can share her journey that resulted in joining Paddle as the VP of Finance in September 2021. Specifically, how she leveraged her leadership style to develop people at scale, under super-high pressure. She can share how she tries to find the gaps in personal and career development, so people keep growing and climbing the career ladder.

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