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Investor & Advisor To B2B CEO’s, On A Mission To Impact 1000 Businesses Positively By 2025.

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Who is Dan?

Dan Morris is an investor, advisor, and B2B growth expert with a mission to leverage his experience to impact 1000 businesses positively by 2025.

Helping companies to succeed in volatile markets, increasing profitability from existing strategies, and helping CEOs take positive steps forward to grow their business is where Dan’s expertise is focused.

Before turning 30, Dan left a finance career to join a digital agency that showed him what a fast-growing services business could be – it went on to sell for £100m. He then launched a digital signage network publishing content to thousands of screens, which failed due to the great recession and taught him a lot – but at the same time created an opportunity for him to move to the USA with the same investors from the screen network, and helped them build a content marketing agency that reached #61 on the INC list – in extremely harsh market conditions.

Following these early experiences, he built and ran a second content marketing agency serving SMBs, and grew it to 60+ team members and multi-million dollar top-line revenue as CEO, before starting Mindracer Consulting, with a mission to leverage this experience to impact 1000 businesses positively by 2025.

As Managing Partner at Mindracer Consulting. He and his team of collective partners work with B2B CEO’s in services and SaaS companies to help with their Go To Market, Making Processes Repeatable, and Growth strategies. Dan is also Managing General Partner at Jorvik Ventures – a firm that invests in and supports high potential B2B companies




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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Avoid these mistakes when building a repeatable sales process.

The Holy Grail for every sales-led B2B business is building a repeatable sales process. However, many companies either don’t have one or they make plenty of mistakes when trying to build theirs. Dan can share the most common mistakes that companies make which include ignoring key indicators like deal size, deal velocity, renewal and expansion opportunities etc, understanding their ICP and most importantly the fact that they are selling to humans (not businesses). Once these mistakes are avoided, and just by focussing on the people who really meet the ideal profile, Dan was able to help one company increase conversions from meeting to deal by 225%.

Topic #2

The “4 R’s” you need to maximize efficiency in your existing sales process.

Over the last 15 years Dan has developed a repeatable process for quickly accelerating sales results in B2B companies. The four stages Review, Refine, Rollout, and Repeat simply deliver results, and in 2020 this process 5x’d ARR in a SaaS company from under $250k to over $1.2m. Dan can dive into the details of each stage and provide the blueprint that B2B companies can follow to implement in their businesses. The 4th stage, Repeat, is key to scaling new customer acquisition by building a model for each particular profile that you want to go and win.

Topic #3

To outsource sales, or not to outsource sales? That is the question…

A question that many companies ask themselves is “should we outsource our sales team?”. And like most questions like this, the response is “it depends”. However, Dan can walk your audience through the considerations that founders need to think about before making a decision. For example…Do you just need appointment setters? Or do you need people to close the deals? Dan can share that the more repeatable your sales process is, the more options that you have, the less repeatable it is, the more you need an executive to help you build the process. He’s helped dozens of companies make the right decision about outsourcing sales, with great success, and hopes he can help your audience too.

Topic #4

The 4 reasons why seemingly ideal clients never buy your product or service.

SDR’s work hard to research, engage and book meetings, but the reality is that on average, 13% of leads convert to opportunities and the conversion rate from opportunity to deal is even lower — only 6%. So what is going wrong? Dan can share his insights from working with dozens of high-growth sales organisations on the 4 reasons why ideal clients don’t buy. From lack of personalization during demos and no solid follow up process to the sales people being incentivised incorrectly or even not having the right sales people in first place. All of these mistakes can be avoided and once they are, you’ll see an immediate increase in conversion rates and revenue.

Topic #5

How VP’s of sales need to think differently as they navigate 2021.

To get through 2021, the VP of Sales today needs to be incredibly capable of leveraging digital platforms like Slack, CRM’s and call recording software to support their team. With more and more sales teams working from home a VP of sales can’t rely on face to face meetings or observing their team on calls from the office. Dan has helped dozens of organizations adapt to a remote sales environment by developing a scoring system so that they can effectively grade how well people are following the proven sales process. He can also share exactly which reports and dashboards should be built to effectively monitor and coach a teams sales performance remotely in 2021.

Topic #6

Want to increase customer lifetime value? Here’s how.

It is true that many companies struggle to increase their CLTV. Why? Because they fail to understand who their very best customers are and what were the things that actually made them invest with you in the first place. Dan can share how companies that truly understand their ICP’s and make the business decision of setting a hard floor on pricing can explore upsell and cross sell opportunities easier, thus increasing lifetime value. Dan’s lessons learned from his 15 years of experience are extremely valuable for any business who are keen to only work with companies who have high growth opportunities.

Topic #7

The importance of creating Ideal Customer Profiles & Buyer Personas.

Whilst the idea of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is relatively straightforward, many companies simply don’t have a clear description of the customers that get the best value from their service or product. From his 15 years of experience, Dan can share questions founders and sales teams should be asking themselves as well as the process for clearly defining their ICP’s. He can also share how Buyer Personas should be developed from the ICP and discuss examples of how to align their value proposition to each of those personas. Leading to a faster sales cycle and an increase in closed won business.

Topic #8

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