Considering Podcast Guesting? This Is The Right Mindset

Podcast guesting is not just for founders and executives…

You probably work with talented people who have things to share.

But do you trust them to represent your company?

It comes down to mindset…

Take LinkedIn content for example:

Some companies love it when their employees post.
Other companies are against it.

Abundance vs. Scarcity mindset

The same goes for appearing on podcasts.

Yes, your team will probably need some training.
Yes, your team will need guidance on tech.
Yes, your team will see you lead the initiative.

But by having multiple speakers in your company, you’re gaining a ridiculous unfair advantage.


Because most of your competitors don’t leverage podcasts at all.

It’s an untapped opportunity and you still have enough time to jump in early.

DM me to find out if this strategy would work for you.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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