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High-School Dropout Turned Unicorn SaaS Founder

Meet Christian Owens. As the CEO and Founder of Paddle, he shares the story of building a $1.4B SaaS company before the age of 30 and growing 175% YoY.

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Who is Christian?

Christian Owens is the CEO & founder of Paddle, a payments infrastructure for SaaS business.

Prior to Paddle, Christian created his first software business from his bedroom at the age of 14. Having grown the business to over $1m in revenue he decided to quit school at 16 to focus on building startups and founded Paddle when he turned 18.

Paddle attracts developers with over $1 billion in volume and integrates Alipay, Google Pay and iDeal, empowering software businesses to sell and grow globally. Paddle has raised $68million in Series C funding to aid their expansion in the US, and globally.

In 2016, Christian was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” and as a Thiel Fellow by the Thiel Foundation, which supports those who learn by doing rather than by following conventional paths like college.

In early 2022, Paddle raised Series D which turned the company into one of a very few UK-based unicorns.




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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Building A SaaS Company From Zero To Unicorn Before Turning 30

At the age of 12 Christian taught himself how to code and started building a software company. In 2016, at the age of 16 he dropped out of highschool and scaled his invoicing software business to $4M ARR by 17 years old before ever applying for the Theil fellowship. As a result, he ran into a lot of issues with tax. Christian then founded Paddle to solve these problems after being told he would have to build it himself to find a solution.

On your podcast, Christian can talk about his experience building Paddle from zero to announcing Series D, making Paddle a unicorn valued at $1.4B. Specifically, why investing the time upfront, and planning for scenarios will remove the blockers, stresses and pain points that cause friction operationally and structurally. He can share strong examples of why you should walk from 0 to a million, so you can sprint from 1M to 10M.

Topic #2

Lessons from 3,000 SaaS CEOs & $1B+ In Payments Processed

There are countless SaaS experts out there. But not so many of them offer a new perspective. As a Founder & CEO of Paddle, Christian helps over 3,000 SaaS CEOs to process over $1B every year. As a result, he has a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t as his customers talk to him to get advice and grow faster.

On your podcast, Christian can share both qualitative and quantitative insights he’s learned over the years from working with SaaS companies of all sizes. He’ll introduce 5 ways to grow revenue as a SaaS company in 2022. Specifically, how different methods of expanding, either geographically or product-wise, have an impact on the bottom line.

Topic #3

Why Paddle Acquired ProfitWell

At a certain stage, acquiring companies is the fastest way to grow. Paddle wanted to become the operating system for SaaS, but they missed the metrics part. Profitwell built a massive brand from buying the team, buying the talent, to buying the media. They had retention tools, and they are known for an outstanding pricing consultancy.

On your podcast, Christian will uncover how and when the decision happened to acquire Profitwell. Specifically, he can share why the prior relationship with an acquirer is important, why cultural fit matters, and how to get a buy-in from everyone involved on both sides. This talk is relevant for both SaaS founders wanting to exit and SaaS founders wanting to grow through acquisitions.

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