Cheap vs. Expensive Podcast Booking Agency

Podcast booking agencies charge anywhere from $400 per month to up to $10k per month.

Why’s this range so huge?

It comes down to a few things:

1. Level of support

Many agencies have 1 booking agent (or an account manager) handling 10+ customers at the same time.

And whilst that might increase profitability, it comes with the cost of not being able to dedicate enough time to support each customer.

2. Approach to campaigns and outreach

Hosts receive hundreds of guest pitches and most of them suck.

Outreach emails can either elevate your reputation or damage it.

And if you want to avoid the latter, the agency just needs to spend a lot of time crafting the email.

There’s no way around it.

The better the email outreach, the longer it takes (and the more it costs).

3. Types of podcasts

The podcasts you want to speak on are not hungry for guests.

To get booked onto the most relevant shows, spray and pray won’t cut it.

Cheap agencies spray and pray.

That’s why only a few, not-so-relevant podcasts bite.

More expensive agencies take a targeted approach to secure bookings on the most relevant shows.

(Which, again, takes more time and costs more money)

4. Risk mitigation

Ease of mind comes at a cost.

The more established your agency is the more relationships with hosts they probably have.

Less expensive agencies often ignore the relationship-building aspect of podcast booking and they keep the interactions purely transactional.

That’s why it’s often hit & miss.

5. Service scope

Podcast booking is a bare minimum.

But the booking itself doesn’t mean much if the guest has no idea how to deliver a good interview, how to network with the host, and how to distribute the episode.

Broad scope is one of the main reasons why some agencies charge more than others.

It’s not to inflate the price but to help their customers see some results.


Answer these questions to pick the right podcast booking agency for you.

1. Is hands-on support important for me or my team?
If not – go cheap
If yes – go expensive

2. Does it matter to me if my name/brand name is going to 1000’s not-so-relevant hosts?
If not – go cheap
If yes – go expensive

3. Do I mind speaking on less relevant podcasts?
If not – go cheap
If yes – go expensive

4. Is peace of mind important to me during the campaign?
If not – go cheap
If yes – go expensive

5. Do I need more support (other than bookings) to see a positive ROI?
If not – go cheap
If yes – go expensive

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