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Decoding The Attachment Dance

Meet Charisse Cooke. As an attachment-based psychotherapist with 20+ years of clinical experience, she helped 1000s of people break free of negative relationship patterns by understanding their attachment styles.

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Who is Charisse?

Charisse Cooke is an attachment-based psychotherapist and author with over twenty years experience in relationship dynamics. She is also an online educator with a mission to mend the fabric of relationships through understanding and emotional resilience. With 7000+ hours of clinical practice over the past two decades, including her pivotal roles at three clinical facilities and her private practice in London, she has honed her expertise in the dynamics of relationship patterns.

Charisse’s approach to therapy is deeply rooted in adult attachment theory, offering a compassionate lens through which to view and transform one’s relational universe. Her work extends beyond the therapy room, as she actively educates through her online relationship course and through her engaging social media presence, providing tools and strategies for developing secure, authentic connections.




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Charisse's book

The Attachment Solution: How to develop secure, strong and lasting relationships

‘A cracking read, interesting, eye opening, helpful, and all wrapped up in Charisse’s beautifully warm and empathetic tone.’ – ANNA WILLIAMSON, Relationship Expert and Bestselling Author of Where is the Love?

‘This is the book everyone needs to read to gain a better understanding of relationships and how we show up in the way that we do, so that we can both love better and be loved better.’ – HELEN MARIE, Trauma Therapist and author of Choose You

We are built to love.

Every part of our physiology and psychology is designed to attach with others and share our lives in deep and meaningful ways. As social animals we need people, this is simply our biology. But in modern life, so much has got in the way of building healthy attachments.

When it comes to our intimate relationships, we are increasingly acting from a place of fear. We’re scared we will choose the wrong person, or the person we are with doesn’t love us enough. We’re scared to get close. We’re scared to be on our own. We’re scared the one we love is pulling away. We are not securely attached.

We have all been profoundly impacted by our experiences from childhood and previous relationships, and our need to protect ourselves can become greater than our need to love. When we love, or try to be loved, our history permeates our present in the most all-consuming and powerful ways. This book will offer tools and strategies for creating positive, secure attachments and help us create the fulfilling and nourishing relationships we need.


What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

The Anxious-Avoidant Dance: Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Disappointment in Relationships

Adult attachment theory shows our relationship behaviors are strongly influenced by our early experiences, often leaving us perpetually disappointed, irritated, or hopeless in our partnerships. This cycle of distress keeps us feeling anxious and avoidant, struggling to deepen connections despite efforts to change our partner’s behavior or improve communication.

On your show, Charisse will help your listeners navigate the anxious-avoidant dance and move towards secure attachment in relationships by unpacking the fundamentals of adult attachment theory. Her approach, backed by 7000+ hours of clinical practice, will help your listeners understand how recognizing our attachment styles can illuminate the path to more fulfilling partnerships, enabling them to move past blaming, promote emotional regulation, and foster secure, empathetic connections.

Topic #2

Shadow Work: Shining The Light On Toxic Relationships Patterns

Many of us often find ourselves in a continuous loop of attracting emotionally unavailable partners or feeling powerless to implement change in our relationships, with a profound inability to fight fair and be accountable. These patterns often stem from unresolved issues with our inner child, leaving us feeling powerless and small within our own love lives, which only perpetuates cycles of dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

On your podcast, Charisse will guide your listeners on a transformative journey through shadow work, helping them confront and heal the parts of themselves that sabotage their relationships. Drawing from her thousands of hours of clinical practice, Charisse will share her proven tools, strategies, and the antidotes to these pervasive patterns. As a result, your listeners will understand how to break the cycle of playing small and learn to communicate their truth unapologetically, thus stepping into an adult and empowered role.

Topic #3

How to Fix Your Communication Before it Ends your Relationship

Our early experiences etch deep grooves into the fabric of our relationships, often leaving us with attachment wounds that hinder our ability to connect authentically. This often leads to patterns of defensiveness, distorted thinking, and volatile communication. These unresolved traumas can also make us feel like we lost our voice in a relationship, which should be seen as a glaring red flag.

On your show, Charisse will share a blueprint for fostering security in relationships. Drawing from over twenty years of experience as an attachment-based psychotherapist, Charisse will explore strategies to desensitize triggers, challenge distorted perceptions, engage in healthy communication, and build healthy boundaries. The result? Your listeners will understand how they can heal themselves while also becoming trauma-informed partners, capable of changing patterns and fostering secure, lasting bonds.

Topic #4

Thinking of Ending Your Relationship? 11 Signs It's Time to Walk Away

Ending a relationship is a critical and often heart-wrenching decision. Sadly, many find themselves stuck in unfulfilling or harmful partnerships, unsure if it’s time to call it quits. Despite the desire to make things work, they may encounter consistent ambivalence from their partner, a lack of progress, or a pervasive sense of walking on eggshells. The signs are often there — but clouded by fear and uncertainty.

On your podcast, Charisse will outline the 11 crucial signs that indicate a relationship may be beyond salvation. She will explore how emotional unavailability can create distance, why perpetual conflict and an absence of growth might mean it’s time to let go, how feeling unable to be oneself with a partner is a glaring red flag, and much more. As a result, your listeners will be able to recognize when it’s time to walk away, making an informed choice that truly protects their emotional well-being.

Topic #5

The Relationship Crisis: Navigating Love in the Anxious Modern Age

Modern love is in a state of disarray, fraught with anxiety and dissatisfaction. The rise of dating apps, societal shifts towards individualism, and a pervasive fear of commitment have contributed to what psychotherapists describe as a relationship crisis. The truth is our romantic lives are unhappier than ever, with soaring anxiety statistics affecting our ability to form secure, joyful, and lasting relationships.

On your show, Charisse will address the root causes of the modern relationship crisis and offer actionable insights for listeners to navigate these turbulent waters. Drawing on her extensive clinical experience, she will discuss how to cultivate relational skills, foster emotional security, and embrace intimacy despite the challenges of modern life, helping your listeners break through the barriers of anxiety and fear to build the fulfilling relationships they deserve.

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