Case Study: Using Podcast Guesting For Recruitment

Here’s an interesting insight:

Recently, we onboarded a new customer…⁣

Digital marketing agency, 160 employees, 22 years in business, awesome culture, CEO with a clear vision and drive.⁣

They have TONS of insights to share on relevant podcasts.⁣

Their goal?

💥 To attract a great talent!⁣

You see, most companies nowadays talk about themselves as the BEST place to work.⁣

Unfortunately, the reality is often different and candidates discover it the hard way.

Especially in the agency space, things can get crazy and people can burn out quickly.⁣

Because of that, more and more candidates spend time doing their due diligence.⁣

They read about your company.⁣
They read about your CEO.⁣
They do their homework.⁣

And the more transparent and authentic your online presence is, the more ahead of your competitors you’ll get.⁣

On top of that, you’ll automatically filter out candidates that won’t resonate with the CEO’s energy.⁣

In this specific scenario, the agency wants to share podcast interviews with candidates that are currently in their pipeline, so they get to know the CEO way better than from any Glassdoor review, job posting, or the “About Us” page.⁣

The best part?

Increasing brand awareness (usually the #1 goal with podcast guesting), becomes a nice side-effect.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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