B2B Brands You Know Appear On Podcasts

It’s not a coincidence.

The most visible B2B brands have a huge podcasting footprint.

They either run their branded podcast, appear on other relevant podcasts, or pay for sponsorships.

Very often, combining at least two of the above.

I’ve searched for 5 successful B2B brands on ListenNotes and here’s what I’ve found:

Refine Labs – 667 podcast mentions (“refine labs”)
Gong – 632 podcast mentions (“gong.io”)
Chili Piper – 420 podcast mentions (“chili piper”)
Cognism -143 podcast mentions (“cognism”)
metadata.io – 106 podcast mentions (“metadata.io”)

A volume like this builds trust.

From talking to B2B marketers, brands that leverage podcasts experience shorter sales cycles simply because their prospective customers already know, like, and trust them long before they even book the call.

On top of that, being exposed to new guests or hosts on a regular basis allows these brands to gain qualitative market insights and understand their ICP on a deeper level.

Lastly, hosting a podcast (or appearing on others) can literally fuel your content marketing engine. But only if you’re strategic about distribution – not just production.


The bottom line is this:

In 2022, your B2B brand needs a podcasting strategy.

Use the companies in this post as an inspiration to do it right.

Links to the search results for each brand in the first comment.

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