Avoid These 5 Things If You Want To Get More Podcast Invitatitons

2 years in business.

1,500 podcast interviews booked.

Here are 5 things you MUST AVOID if you want to get accepted as a guest. 👇🏻

1️⃣ Skipping your homework

90% of guest pitches hosts receive are absolutely irrelevant.

Such as an HR professional reaching out to a Sales podcast.

Not only that you waste hosts’ time but you also waste yours.

Do your homework. Listen to an episode. Read a description. And then decide.

2️⃣ Focusing only on the biggest shows

If you’re starting your podcast guesting journey, you need momentum.

And whilst you might get lucky and get booked on the Tim Ferris Show, the chances are very low.

Instead, pick podcasts relevant to your industry that don’t receive 1000’s guest pitches a week.

This will allow you to build momentum and confidence.

3️⃣ Sending generic outreach

Every time when I speak with podcast hosts, they mention that the emails they receive are horrible.

Most of them mention the sentence “I love your podcast,” followed by an absolutely irrelevant guest suggestion.

Instead, spend 30-40 minutes crafting one email. Make it personalized. Make it relevant.

It might seem like overkill but in the great scheme of things, it’s the fastest way to receive replies.

4️⃣ Not following-up

Hosts are busy. Very busy.

Not only do they receive tons of guest suggestions but they also have a business to run and a podcast to produce.

After sending your initial email, make sure you follow up.

Once a week. For 5 to 6 weeks.

Do it right and the host will thank you.

5️⃣ Ignoring your online presence

So the host is considering you as a speaker. Congratulations.

To get them to say yes, have your online presence established.

The minimum is to have an updated LinkedIn profile and at least one channel where you post regularly.

By doing this, you will demonstrate your expertise and credibility which helps the host make an informed decision about you as a guest.

So to recap…

There is no shortcut if you want quality bookings.

To ensure relevancy, do your homework to find the right show.

To ensure the host replies, send a quality pitch and follow up.

And to get invited, improve your online presence.

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