How To Deliver Exceptional Podcast Interviews

Susie Ashfield has the answers… As a Voice Coach and Performance Trainer, Susie is an expert at dealing with complex content and transforming it into engaging, deal-making conversations, speeches, or TEDx talks. During the webinar, Susie and Mark Colgan will be sharing the fundamentals of public speaking and presentations and how these translate into the […]

Becoming The Hottest Podcast Booking Agency

In the last months, we’ve grown from just 3 people to almost 20, booked hundreds of podcast interviews, and learned which customers benefit the most from our service. Whilst working with authors and coaches was rewarding, we decided to build on our previous experience of being involved in the B2B industry in the past years. We love […]

How To Craft an Irresistible Podcast Call To Action

Ever listened to a podcast where the guest spent most of the episode pitching their product or service? Probably not.  Podcast appearances are about providing actual value, not selling. But there is one moment in every interview where you can—and should—directly promote your business or brand. It’s at the end of the episode, when the […]

How To Turn Your Podcast Into Engaging Social Media Content

Want to get the most out of each and every podcast appearance? You can’t just rely on the listeners—you need to promote it on social media too. After all, the people who already know you are the ones who are most likely to become clients. That’s why it’s essential to share your episode with your […]

How To Land Your First Podcast Interview

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to speak on podcasts (no pun intended). But if you’ve never been interviewed on a podcast before or achieved some extraordinary feat, it can be hard to get started. An increasing number of people are reaching out to podcast hosts these days—which allows them to be […]

How To Get Invited To Appear on Podcasts

Podcast hosts can be picky. And who can blame them? With the whole world moving online, more and more people are turning to podcasts in an effort to increase their visibility and reach new audiences. As a result, podcast hosts receive dozens—if not hundreds—of emails from potential guests. The trick is to make yourself stand […]

How To Measure Your Podcast PR Effectiveness

We’re firm believers in the power of podcast appearances to drive business success—but not in the way you might think. You should consider appearing on podcasts to be part of your PR efforts, rather than a lead generation strategy. It’s a way to grow your audience, share your message, and boost your authority. It’s not […]

How To Find Podcasts To Appear on as a Guest

Appearing on podcasts as a guest can lead to growth, greater visibility, and ultimately increased revenue—but you have to know where to start. The first step is identifying which podcasts you want to appear on. And to figure that out, you need to know what audience you’re trying to reach. Imagine your ideal client, and […]

How To Promote Your Podcast Appearance on LinkedIn

So you’ve appeared on a podcast: congratulations. But don’t get too comfortable, because your work has only just begun. It’s time to promote your podcast appearance—and the best place to start is LinkedIn. Many people see podcast appearances as a way to expand their network, but what they don’t realize is that their current network […]

Webinar Replay: Grow Your Podcast By Appearing On Other Podcasts

Want to attract new listeners for your podcast? Talk to people who already enjoy other podcasts! Recently, we’ve done a webinar with Sweet Fish Media on how to do just that. We shared all our secrets from how to identify your audience to writing the perfect podcast outreach email. Watch this value bomb below.