Are You Ready To Start Speaking On Podcasts?

In podcast guesting, the right timing is important.

Here are the differences for young vs. established brands:

💥 A young brand:

In this context, let’s pretend that you run a pre-seed or a seed SaaS company.

The chance is that you are still “figuring stuff out”.

Maybe you haven’t nailed down your messaging yet.

Maybe you’re searching for a Product-Market fit.

Maybe your product is still not fully developed.

And that’s okay.

Appearing on podcasts is still a good choice.

Make an educated guess about the audience you want to reach and dive in, probably with just one speaker at first.

In a few months, you’ll see how your message resonates as you’ll receive feedback both from hosts and your existing audience.

💥 An established brand:

You’re a Series A+ SaaS.

Your team is bigger and you’ve probably found a Product-Market fit already.

You know your key message and the audience you want to reach.

It’s time to scale.

Ideally, you should pick multiple people from your company to appear on podcasts.

CEO on general business, visionary podcasts.
CMO on marketing podcasts.
VP of Sales on sales podcasts.

They all have unique points of view and speaking on podcasts can be a multiplier for attracting new customers and talent.


The bottom line is:

Podcast guesting can support you at every stage of your growth.

The main difference will be the scale of your campaign and what you’ll actually accomplish.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

Find out if Speak On Podcasts can help you create demand and increase brand awareness in your industry.

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