Are You Patient Enough?

Here’s a common B2B marketing scenario:

You start → you see “no results” → you quit

Most brands suck at overcoming the “no result” period.

Whether it’s LinkedIn content, podcasting, or SEO, there is often a time when you start questioning your approach.


Because you thought that “things will happen quicker”.

But yet, most of the time, it’s just impatience.

In marketing (or in life for that matter), the things that have the biggest compounding effect simply take a lot of time to get going.

It’s often not sexy.

It’s mundane.

It’s grunt work.

But that’s what is required.

Silver bullets are sexy but not sustainable.

👇 So what helps me to push through “the dip”?

I focus on 3 things:

a. I celebrate the actual steps that lead to the “big result” (eg. publishing this post)
b. I focus on other positive signals along the way (eg. more CMOs connecting with me)
c. I am simply aware that the dips are a natural part of the journey

Because I know one thing for sure…

I don’t want to repeat “I wish I’d just stuck to it back then.” again.

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