Are You “Interesting Enough” To Appear On Podcasts?

Not sure if you are “interesting enough” for a podcast?

Not sure if you have “something to share”?

Here’s how you find out… 👇🏻

1️⃣ You have a unique point of view

A thought-provoking question I love to ask our customers is:

“What opinion do you have that other industry experts disagree with?”

Think about what you do.

Now think of your approach that goes against the grain.

That’s your unique point of view.

A unique twist.

Just make sure you have data/stories to back it up.

Don’t make it controversial or different just for the sake of it.

2️⃣ You’ve seen some success

Theories will make you sound smart.

Stories are relatable and will make you money.

With your unique point of view in mind, think of 2-3 stories that will help you make the point you’re trying to make.

Share anecdotes.
Share stories.
Share data.

3️⃣ You’re willing to share

Lastly, you REALLY need to share.

As much as you can, really.

❌ Stop this:
“If I share too much, people won’t need me and will do it themselves.”

✅ Start this:
“If I share it all, people will perceive me as an expert and will reach out.”

People who want to do it themselves aren’t your customers anyway.

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