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How Can Tech Leaders “Be More Strategic”

Meet Andrew Bartlow. As the CEO of People Leader Accelerator with more than 25 years of HR experience, he shares how scaleup tech leaders can be more strategic and more successful.

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Who is Andrew?

Andrew Bartlow has 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Management experience at organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes, maturity stages, and industries.

He is the co-author of “Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations,” has a master’s degree from the top program in his field, and has been CECP, SPHR, Six Sigma, and executive coaching certified.

Andrew leads Series B Consulting, which helps businesses to articulate their people strategy and accelerate their growth, while navigating rapid change. He also founded the People Leader Accelerator, which is the preeminent development program for startup HR leaders.

He’s worked with clients like Masterclass and many others to help them overcome obstacles in a hyper growth phase. For the first time ever, he wants to share his lessons on podcasts.




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Andrew's book

Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High-Growth Organizations

This book is the definitive guide for leaders of high-growth organizations seeking to understand and execute the people management principles that are essential to continued success.

Combining a wealth of practical experience, well-grounded academic research, and easy-to-apply frameworks, Andrew Bartlow and T. Brad Harris offer a practical toolkit that founders, functional leaders, and managers of people can use to rethink their practices to meet their organizations’ needs.

They help readers identify the core people management programs and practices that are best for an organization at its current stage and size while also supporting a foundation for continued development and the capacity to adapt to inevitable surprises.

Practical, actionable, and supplemented with numerous diagnostic tools and illustrative examples, Scaling for Success is a must-have playbook for organizational leaders pursuing smart and sustainable growth.


What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Tech Employees are in Crisis

Technology professionals are burning out and dropping out of the workforce entirely at an unprecedented rate. The perfect storm of a pandemic, distributed work, and an increasingly polarized political environment have stretched and stressed our workplaces. HR professionals and managers have been expected to have all the answers, but many of these issues are new and deeply nuanced. Now, as the economic climate has turned, many employers are cutting costs and laying off workers. The work is different, the skills are different, and many technology professionals are either failing to adapt or opting out.

Andrew would love to educate an audience of technology leaders about exactly why this is happening and how leaders can reinvigorate themselves and their teams. He can share real case studies and examples from his experience leading during times of tremendous change (dot com crash, financial services crisis, mortgage meltdown, pandemic shutdown) and from his work with 50+ CEOs and HR leaders.

Topic #2

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

It happens again and again. A startup receives funding from investors and hires staff to acquire more customers and accelerate its product roadmap. However, as headcount grows, the complexity managing the organization increases exponentially. What worked with a small founding team doesn’t work with a team of 25+. What works with several dozen team members, no longer works with 100+, particularly in a distributed work environment.

On your podcast, Andrew can speak to his experiences working with 50+ companies who have been on that growth journey, and discuss the recurring challenges – as well as the best solutions. Specifically, why communications, prioritization, and decision-making practices all need to evolve along with your organization. Your audience will learn time-tested strategies from the trenches of the fastest-growing startups and scaleups.

Topic #3

How Can You “Be More Strategic”?

Many experienced professionals strive to “have a seat at the table” and be more respected as executive leaders. We work endless hours trying to satisfy the many demands of our managers and team, creating a positive team environment while meeting our goals. While we may be appreciated, we are making limited progress in advancing our influence. We continue to receive feedback that we need to “be more strategic”, and our frustration is growing that we don’t seem to be receiving the respect we deserve. Why is this happening? What does “being more strategic” really mean and how do you do it?

On your podcast, Andrew can help your audience understand what they can do to be more successful, often while doing less over fewer working hours. He can share real case studies and examples from his experience leading the HR function at several well-known organizations, writing the book on people management practices (“Scaling for Success”), and teaching the world’s premier development program for strategic HR professionals (People Leader Accelerator).

Topic #4

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