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Her clients call her the “Corporate Mystic”

Meet Amy Lynn Durham. UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach bringing Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to energize and transform the workplace.

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Who is Amy?

Amy Lynn Durham is the CEO of “Create Magic At Work” and a U.C. Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. She is certified to coach in the 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) using the SQ21 Assessment and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (EQ).

Amy has spent years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies. Her company, Create Magic At Work’s intention is to offer Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to energize and transform the workplace.

As an expert in building positive company cultures, Amy designed Create Magic At Work to bring a variety of services and strategies to aid in cultivating teamwork and harmony in order to improve profits and employee morale.

In her spare time, you can also find her spending time with her Cavapoo puppy, Mr. Bingley.




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Amy's book

Create Magic at Work

Create Magic at Work fills a void for individuals who may feel isolated and exhausted from loneliness in the workplace. Connection within a team doesn’t happen by accident, it happens with intention. Learn some practical rituals which elevate Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence (EQ & SQ), thereby elevating employee morale— and profitability.

This magical book contains field-tested activities that leaders and coaches can utilize to ignite authentic connection with their clients, teams, or employees. The time is now to apply these practices so we can all thrive as human beings.

“I intentionally made this book feel magical and whimsical to bring a childlike play and feel back into the workplace. Please enjoy the beautiful illustrations from the magical mermaid artist Marybel Martin and the beautiful book design from Chad Beckerman.” – Amy Lynn Durham.


What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) at work.

IQ is about what you think. EQ is about what you feel. But do you know what SQ stands for? SQ, aka Spiritual Intelligence is all about “I am”. SQ is an ability to access higher meanings, values, abiding purposes, and unconscious aspects of the self and to embed these meanings, values, and purposes in living richer and more creative lives.

Amy is a recognized expert on fostering SQ at the workplace through her unique and effective strategies she’s described in her new book, “Create Magic At Work”. 

If you’re looking for a topic that’s becoming increasingly relevant, this is it.

Topic #2

Beer after work is NOT a teambuilding exercise.

Lots of leaders have an expense report and utilize it for dinners or the stereotypical beer and golf get-togethers. This does nothing to elevate your employees’ emotional or spiritual intelligence. 

Amy can share strategies on how to bring more structure into these activities, so they actually help the company to reach its goals. When leaders make employees and themselves better human beings through heart and human connection to the workplace and it inevitably ripples out to their family and friends at home.

As a result, they are happier and more productive at work, potentially increasing revenue that was not forecasted through collaboration and connection.

Topic #3

Is Spiritual Intelligence the answer to a stress-free, yet work-hard culture?

Statistics show that 83% of American employees suffer from work-related stress. More importantly, only 43% of American employers think that their employees care about their work-life balance. These numbers show the dire state of the modern workplace. This is where spiritual intelligence and Amy come in.

On your podcast, Amy can speak to your audience about how the 21 skills within the spiritual intelligence can be used by leaders to create a workplace where people work hard but with less stress.

Topic #4

How can leaders transform their workplace by putting their ego aside?

A lot of companies are still operating under cutthroat, competitive dictatorships that stifle employee’s creativity and production. Leaders need to commit to growing themselves in regards to emotional intelligence, leadership presence and connecting authentically.

Amy can share how true human connection and compassion not only keeps the company profitable by avoiding high costs of turnover or low productivity, but it also sends ripple effects into the world to help make it a better place for everyone.

Topic #5

Your Suggestion...

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