Speak On Podcasts

Why We Exist

To help coaches, book authors, and entrepreneurs impact more lives through appearing on podcasts.

About us

Speak On Podcasts is a podcast relations agency helping entrepreneurs share their message, grow their audience, and attract inbound leads through podcast guesting.

Our guest email introductions are often praised by the podcast hosts as the best they’ve ever received. Because of that, we place our clients on podcasts with predictability and ease.

We often work with established coaches, book authors, and entrepreneurs whose goal is to become thought-leaders and to increase their profile.

Needless to say, we’re not competing on price but rather the value and a completely hands-off experience we provide both for our clients, as well as for podcast hosts.

Core Values

This is what drives us

People First

We understand that in everything we do, the human element is the most critical part. Not processes, not the latest growth hack, but people. That's why we value healthy relationships with our team, customers, podcast hosts, and partners above everything.

Go The Extra Mile

We surprise our team members, customers, and podcast hosts by doing more than they expect. All while paying attention to detail and finishing everything that needs to be done. By doing so, people have confidence in our actions.

Hit It With A Simple Stick

As we grow, we often revisit all our processes to keep them as lean and simple as possible. Not only for our team, but also for our customers and partners. We don't add a necessary complexity. We make effective changes easy and fun to implement.

Always Provide Value

Every interaction is an opportunity to make someone's day a little better. Whether it's a book recommendation, a cool LinkedIn post, or some other random act of kindness. We do it through creating moments worth sharing.

Own It And Don't Point Fingers

We take ownership of not only our wins but also for our losses and mistakes. Instead of pointing fingers at competitors, our customers, or at each other, we start by asking ourselves: “What could I do better, so this doesn't happen again?”.

The Team

We’re a remote first company, comprised of 5 nationalities living & working from 6 different countries.

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Mark Colgan


Jakub Zajicek


David Henzel


Camille Sia

Project Manager

John Gumatay

Booking Agent

Priscilla Castelo

Booking Agent

Are you awesome? We're hiring!

Customer Service Agent

Our team and our customers are our #1 priority. Strong relationships with the team, customers, suppliers are the foundation to SOP.
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