$70k From One Podcast Interview

Our customer generated $70k from just ONE interview. On a podcast, that gets under 500 listeners per episode. → Here’s how it happened: 👇

David sells a software platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The host of a second interview we booked him on is an agency owner working with e-commerce store owners.

David’s platform CAN be white-labeled.

After the interview, the host asked if he could offer his platform to his clients.

Yes, he could.

Just like this, David generated $70k worth of new business from one host interaction alone.

And we booked him onto 20+ more podcasts.

Imagine the impact.


The lesson?

Appearing on podcasts is a networking strategy.

Even if the audience is small, the hosts can make introductions, buy your product, or promote it within their network.

For that reason, treat each interview opportunity as a way to establish a new business relationship.

Think long-term.

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