7 Reasons Why B2B Brands Fail With Podcast Guesting

Some B2B brands succeed with podcast guesting.

Some fail.

Here are 7 reasons why: 👇


🔻 Company A: “We need to see how it directly affects our revenue, otherwise it doesn’t work.”

✅ Company B: “We want to consistently deliver value to our ICP through channels they like.”


🔻 Company A: website conversion rate, website traffic spikes, leads generated

✅ Company B: self-reported attribution, insights from a sales team, ICP signals, branded search


🔻 Company A: Focuses only on the interview

✅ Company B: Uses podcasts to create social and sales enablement content, to network with hosts, and to build personal brands of executives


🔻 Company A: “We’ll give it 1 month and then see if it works.”

✅ Company B: “We know this is a long-term effort and we’re okay with waiting for 5+ months to see the results.”


🔻 Company A: “The host needs us on their podcast.”

✅ Company B: “I’m thrilled to get invited, as the host can choose from hundreds of guests.”

Approach to topics:

🔻 Company A: Talks only about their product/company

✅ Company B: Shares a unique point of view, demonstrates the expertise

Choosing podcasts:

🔻 Company A: Size is the most important

✅ Company B: Relevancy is the most important


In a nutshell…

To succeed with podcast guesting, do the following:

1. Make it useful for your ICP first and revenue will follow
2. Collect qualitative insights to measure the impact
3. Use podcasts to network, create content, and grow your brand
4. Think long-term
5. Understand that the invitation is never guaranteed
6. Share your unique industry point of view
7. Focus on relevancy first

To succeed, be like a Company B.

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