7 Areas To Consider When Choosing A Podcast Booking Agency

Bad agency > Poor results > Money wasted

👇 Here are 7 areas to consider when hiring a podcast booking agency:

🎙 Podcast hosts speak highly of them

You should be able to locate not only customer testimonials, but also testimonials from the hosts.

When the agency does a great job, hosts appreciate it and share their positive feedback.

🎙 Relevant testimonials

Most podcast booking agencies tend to focus on different niches.

Make sure the one you’re considering has experience working with people like you.

🎙 They have existing relationships

More relationships with hosts, less risk of the campaign going bad.

During the sales process, ask about how many interviews the agency booked in the past.

🎙 They drink their own Kool-Aid

See if someone from the founding team is appearing on podcasts as a guest.

It shows dedication and belief in their own process.

🎙 They coach their customers

Being an expert is not enough and appearing on podcasts is a skill.

The best agencies go the extra mile to make sure their customers are ready.

🎙 Their pricing makes sense

It’s impossible to deliver a premium booking experience for a low cost.

Pay attention when the pricing seems too low. Because usually, it is.

🎙 It just “feels right”

As with most relationships, even the client-agency relationship comes down to feeling.

When choosing your agency, make sure it “feels right” throughout the process.

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