5 Steps To Find The Most Relevant Podcasts

Looking for podcasts to appear on as a guest?

It’s not that difficult…

👇 But ONLY if you follow this 5-step strategy:

Step #1: Define your expertise
Example: Sales

Step #2: Go one level deeper
Example: Outbound Sales

Step #3: List 5 keywords related to your industry
Example: “outbound sales”, “prospecting”, “outbound email”

Step #4: Search for the phrase match on ListenNotes (dot) com
Note: Click the link in the first comment to see how it looks like

Step #5: Browse through the results and list the relevant podcasts
Note: Not all podcasts will be the right fit. Read the description.

Then, all you have to do is reach out to the host, explain what makes you relevant, and wait for the reply.

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