5 Podcasts To Avoid As A Guest

We’ve booked close to 1,600 interviews for our customers.

Here are 5 types of podcasts you should NEVER contact to become a guest.

💥 Podcasts that don’t accept guests (umm duh?!)

You’d be surprised how many guest pitches solo podcast hosts receive. Podcasts that don’t accept guests.

Don’t do it. It makes you look dumb.

Especially when you use words like “I love your podcast” in the first paragraph.

💥 Inactive podcasts

If the podcast didn’t publish an episode for 2 years, they won’t restart the show just because of you.

You’re wasting your time.

And also damaging your reputation.

💥 Podcasts that publish irregularly

Irregular episode releases often show the lack of commitment of the host.

I’m not talking about Tuesday vs. Wednesday.

I’m talking about 4 episodes in a week and then zero in a month.

You might have a different experience but for us, these never worked out well.

💥 Podcasts with shit*y audio quality

Here I’m thinking about all the “You had one job” memes I’ve seen.

Really. Recording a podcast in good sound quality is not THAT difficult.

Again. It shows a lack of commitment from the host.

💥 Lastly, podcasts that are just not a fit

Relevancy is incredibly important in podcast outreach. Even more than relationships.

If you’re an outbound sales expert, don’t reach out to marketing podcasts unless you have a topic that REALLY matches the show theme.

Don’t stretch it. There are many sales podcasts that will happily have you as a guest.

Don’t waste your (and hosts’) time by “trying to make it work”.

In most cases, it either works or it doesn’t.

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