5 Methods To Promote Your Podcast Interview

How to promote your podcast interview.

Here are my 5 favorite methods:

Let’s start with the most obvious one:

💥 1. A Good Ol’ Text Post

By far the easiest method to spread the word about your interview.

Right after the interview, write down 3-5 topics you discussed.

Then craft a few posts where you mention these topics.

It can be a Tweet or a LinkedIn post.

Make it unique.
Make it exciting.
Write in your tone of voice.
Paste the URL in the first comment.

💥 2. Audiograms

You create audiograms when there’s no video recorded.

Here are 2 great tools you can use:

or reel(do t)so

💥 3. Video Snippets

Nowadays, most interviews are recorded with a video too.

That’s awesome.

Video of 2 people talking is more engaging than audiograms.

Usually, the most time-consuming part will be to find the best bits from your interview.

For video snippets, I recommend VEED.IO.

💥 4. Quote Images

If you are creating videos/audiograms, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t create quote images too.


You already have the best bits and now, you can just turn them into a cool image.

Keep it simple and use Canva.

💥 5. Twitter Threads

This one is inspired by Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand at Semrush.

She takes each podcast interview and creates an absolutely kickass Twitter thread.

She leads with value and education.

And then, in the end, if you’re interested, she gives a CTA to listen to a full episode.


Lastly this:

Many people think that if they create content from their podcast interview, the host might not like it as, technically, the episode is the host’s content.

That’s nonsense and the opposite is true.

Every host is excited when their guests promote the interview as it spreads the word about their podcast too.

So… go crazy!

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