4 Elements Of High Performing Podcast Guesting Funnels

Do you have your podcast funnel?

Most guests completely ignore this.

👇 Here are 4 elements of high-performing podcast funnels:

💥 Compelling Offer

You need to have something people need (or want).

Example: Free physical copy of your book about Mar Tech

💥 Audience-Offer Match:

You need to talk to the podcast audience that is interested in your offer.

Example: MarTech enthusiasts, CMOs

💥 Delivery Mechanism:

You need to have a system in place to make it easy for the listeners to take action.

Example: Send a text > Answer 3 questions > Get your book

💥 Call-To-Action:

You need to tell the podcast audience about your offer when the host asks you.

Example: “If you’ve enjoyed this topic and would like to take it further, I actually wrote a book that you can get for free. Just send the word “martech” to X-XXX-XXXX, answer a few questions, and I’ll ship it to you.”


And I’m not making this up.

This is the strategy one of our customers used to generate tons of inbound leads.

It works because it’s simple.

No complicated forms.
No long URLs.
No opt-ins.

Just a simple text, 1 minute of your time, and that’s it.

Not a bad deal for a kickass book.

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