3 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Leverage Podcast Guesting

Here are 3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT leverage podcast guesting as a strategy:

💥 You sell seasonal or time-limited products and services

Let’s say you are organizing a one-time event…

Using podcasts to promote it would be impossible.


You cannot control when the episode gets recorded and airs.

So if you’d start too early, the hype dies before the event happens

And if you’d start too late, the event happens before the episode goes live.

💥 You need revenue, quickly

Although podcasts will lead to more revenue, it takes time.

First, most of our customers already have a solid lead flow established before working with us.

That, on its own, removes the urgency of podcast guesting to generate monetary results right away…

…and leaves more space to focus on content repurposing, networking with hosts, and becoming a better speaker.

💥 You ONLY want to talk about you/your business

A podcast is not a pitch fest.

To be a good guest, talk about your industry, your point of view, and your unique ideas.

As a result, hosts will prompt you to promote your product at the end.

And trust me… after all value, you bring throughout the episode, your CTA will land way better.


So to recap…

Do not leverage podcast guesting if:

1. You sell seasonal or time-limited stuff
2. You need revenue, quickly
3. You just want to pitch

If you check one of the boxes, there are way better channels for you.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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