3 Podcast Interview Monetization Strategies

Curious how quickly you’ll see the results of your Podcast Guesting campaign?⁣

There are 3 areas that influence that. Each with a different time frame.⁣

💥 The quickest results will come from working directly with the podcast host.⁣

Hosts are usually very well-connected people who can introduce you into their network, even if your episode is not live yet.⁣

Make sure you nurture the relationship properly.⁣

💥 The second fastest results will come from your existing audience.⁣

Even before the episode is live, you can start warming up your network on social media and in email newsletter.⁣

Share that you’ve recorded an episode on a podcast and it will be live soon.⁣

💥 Lastly, there are the listeners themselves.⁣

Sometimes, it can take up to 3-5 months before your episode gets published. But once it drops, you’ll see people reaching out to you.⁣

This is usually the only reason people start appearing on podcasts and, as sadly, they ignore the previous two.⁣

Make sure you leverage everything from your podcast appearances to the fullest.⁣

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