3 Main Bottlenecks Of A Podcast Guesting Campaign

It takes time to get your podcast guesting campaign up to speed.

Why? 🤔

3 main bottlenecks:

Assuming you have stuff like topics, bio, or headshots ready, these 3 things will happen with every interview.

💥 Waiting for a reply

It usually takes anywhere from one week to two months for the host to get back to you.

Some hosts reply to pitches on a day-to-day basis.

Some of them schedule a time to go through all pitches every week or month.

💥 Waiting for a recording date

If the host is interested, on average, you’ll need to wait for around 1.5 months for an actual recording date.

And there’s not much you can do about it.

Use this time to prepare, so when the day comes, you’re ready.

💥 Waiting for an episode release

Episode recorded? Cool.

The last bottleneck is the actual waiting time before the episode goes live.

Here, it’s really tough to say the average time as it varies so much.

Once it’s live, the host usually lets you know via email or social media.


To succeed with podcast guesting, you MUST have the right time expectations.

It’s absolutely normal to NOT see any results for 3-4 months.

But that doesn’t mean your time is wasted.

Quite the opposite.

Because right around month 5 or 6, you’ll start reaping the rewards of your previous efforts.

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