250 Listeners More Than Enough: Here’s why

The top 10% of podcasts get around 250 listens per episode.

Doesn’t seem like a lot, right?

Here’s why it’s more than enough… 👇

When it comes to appearing on podcasts, relevancy trumps size.

Evaluating podcasts JUST based on the listenership is not a good idea.

Yes, you might end up talking to thousands of people but if they’re not relevant to what you want to accomplish, your 45 minutes would be better spent somewhere else.

Talking to a smaller, targeted audience is a different story.

…Would you say “no” to a 250-person keynote speech in front of your ideal customers?

Speaking on targeted shows allows you to tap into loyal audiences educated about your topic.

More niche you go, fewer podcasts you find.

💥 General sales category = More podcasts, less targeted

💥 Outbound sales = Fewer podcasts, more targeted

Recognise where your knowledge goes deep and start there.

Once you exhaust the laser-targeted podcasts, you can go from the outbound sales category to the general sales category.

Narrow –> Broad

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