18 Unexpected Podcast Interview Situations

Appearing on podcasts? Here are 18 unexpected situations that might happen:

1. The interview gets canceled
2. The host doesn’t show up
3. Your kid interrupts the interview
4. Unexpectedly, it’s a video podcast and your hair’s a mess
5. The episode doesn’t get published
6. You’ll need to reschedule
7. You miss the interview
8. The host won’t be prepared
9. You won’t prepare enough
10. The conversation goes into an unexpected direction
11. Your mic won’t work
12. A power outage
13. Your Internet goes down mid-interview
14. Zoom will need an update
15. You get caught out by quick fire round questions
16. You find out that the host’s political views conflict with yours
17. Recording gets lost or damaged due to a buggy software.
18. The host doesn’t press the record button.

I didn’t make these things up.

They all happened.

What would you add?

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